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By the time you end up reading this article, mankind has made more than a million tweets. In this world of information, you may wonder how to slice and dice the contents circulated around the planet. When you leave no stone unturned to build your favorable public image, you make sure that your contents are planned, well-researched, and brilliantly presented.

To take it another step up the ladder, you get connected with a network of minds who will pass on your ideas and create the impact you dream of. And, you never know where the influence of this integrated communication will stop. This shapes minds, brings in changes in policies, and delivers your message with the biggest impact. There goes Impact PR, the first dedicated PR house in Bangladesh providing all these communication services under one roof.

Having come into being in 2005, Impact has dealt with some of the best business entities and development agencies in the world and ran some of the best campaigns that transformed the public relations landscape in Bangladesh. During its journey spanning over 17 years, Impact has overseen PR for multinational companies (including British American Tobacco and Unilever), INGO (WaterAid and others), and other sectors, and collaborated with international PR agencies (including Edelman and Adfactor).



for all challenges!

Media Relations and Monitoring

When the city of Dhaka, home to some 20 million people, has an ominous feeling

Corporate and Development Communications

With the rocket-pace change in the business climate, we are poised to analyze

Content Consultancy

“You are what you write,” is the adage we believe in, collectively, and more

Crisis Management

The closeness between promises made and promises delivered by a brand

Event Management

As communication partners, we figure out the stories of our clients that catalyze changes

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