Media Relations and Monitoring

When the city of Dhaka, home to some 20 million people, has an ominous feeling about the groundwater shrinking every year by 3 meters, WaterAid delineated ‘Rainwater Harvest’, a renewable approach to solving the water crisis. This initiative paves the path for transforming every rooftop into a water reservoir in a scientific manner. As the campaign partner of WaterAid, we spoke through all the communication organs. We got it printed and aired, we got it rolling off tongues of people. When ideas are abound, we are equipped to ensure that the right ones are placed across the right medium of expression. Let us recall Unilever’s Stride, a program designed for women on a career break to relaunch their career. We communicated the idea to the media, and they picked it up for informing women that a gap in their career due to pregnancy or any other reason doesn’t mean that they have to call it a day and reiterates that our society is striding towards more equality and inclusiveness. We are vigilant every moment to relay the ideas that deserve to be heard for the wellbeing of our society. Our army of connecting bees get in touch with the media professionals and update them on ideas they also love to bring in the public domain. We have a dedicated team to swim through the communication channels and make sure that no piece of news or circulated idea concerning our clients goes unnoticed. When our client wants to arrange an overseas tour for journalists or get-together or media event, we organize the program on their behalf. Ours is a unique house providing you with customized media database, media intelligence and all other services falling under the purview of media relations. When it comes to connecting with communication sources, ‘Beyond our reach’ is a ‘decided no’.


Corporate and Development Communications

With the rocket-pace change in the business climate, we are poised to analyze, research and envision the perception and impact a corporate or development project is likely to create and communication gateways they should approach. We outline a proper stakeholder matrix and create a pathway between the dots. While many consider PR as a medium to merely relay an idea, we believe that we first lay the idea before relaying it. We figure out the digital organs and traditional media to shape minds of consumers and the targeted cluster. In 2018, we adeptly communicated the message of UNDP and Unilever who jointly initiated Safe Water Challenge to bring in a sustainable approach to providing safe drinking water. From brainstorming with the client, stakeholder and ad agency to ensure the deserved exposure of young innovators, we ensured that they inspire the youths all across the country to catalyze a change in their community through ideas.

Content Consultancy

“You are what you write,” is the adage we believe in, collectively, and more so on today’s business landscape. Be it about a brand’s philosophy, be it about a corporate vision, or be it about a development agency’s motto, endowing the rightful content with the rightful exposure is the job we are trusted with. We are a pool of narrators with expertise touching upon two ends of the spectrum - from press release to feature, from print to digital content. Today’s content is not merely about circulating information but about creating impression and relaying a purpose as well. When the CEO of a global big name goes through an article by our copywriter and emails us back with precise but motivating words - “Well Crafted. Thank you so much!”, or when we hear a brand manager communicating to others, “They are the best content writers in the market”, it makes us feel that our promise is well-delivered, our purpose well-served.


Digital PR

At this stage of digital dominance, PR strategists make sure that all the streams of communication - print, electronic and digital - converge on the vision we equip ourselves to realize. Ours is an era where communication doesn’t pass through a narrow one-way lane. On the digital landscape, you can bounce your campaign off your audience, who lends you a resourceful insight into how well your plan is going to work out. We are networked with social influencers, social media celebrities, bloggers and SEO experts who are capable of creating the impact we envision. Having overseen the public relations for global big names like Unilever, British American Tobacco and WaterAid, we observed that the shift towards digital PR is phenomenal. When it comes to online presence, we ensure that the perception our audience develops about our campaign is aligned to our motto.

Event Management

As communication partners, we figure out the stories of our clients that catalyze changes in the society and organize events to disseminate their messages through impactful mediums. To complete the circuit, we feature events inviting journalists, stakeholders, bloggers and celebrities under the same roof to ensure that all the participants have a sense of ownership over the campaign. In the year 2017, we launched an event for Threadsol both in Dhaka and Chittagong to showcase how technology can transform the readymade garments manufacturing industry, which contributes to more than 82% of the country’s export earnings and empower millions of women. From concept design to managing logistics, we are poised for organizing high-end events and getting its message heard by the community it meant for.

Crisis Management

The closeness between promises made and promises delivered by a brand or an organization defines its reputation. Even when all the promises are delivered as they were made, clients often find their message wrongly perceived, their reputation put at stake. When we are trusted with the job to oversee their reputation management, we consider crisis management as a process starting from the beginning, not a confused move in the aftermath. The way an editor keeps the narrative style of a book in the same flow from the beginning to the end, we ensure that all the statements and information, revealed by officials of an organization are well-aligned. When crisis seems to take a toll on the reputation gained over the years or even decades, we reach out to all the communication streams and provide insight to our client on how it can be best handled.